Aliva offers apprentices and students various opportunities to enrich their knowledge and gain practical experience – be it in a traditional apprenticeship, in an internship or in the context of a diploma thesis.

For many years, Sika Aliva Equipment has offered young people versatile opportunities for practical training. In the production of shotcrete machines, polymechanics as well as steel construction fitters are apprenticed. In addition, commercial apprentices of Sika Switzerland make an important contribution in the Aliva administration office for half a year. This gives them an insight into the diverse tasks of this central position. Aliva offers students various internships and opportunities for project work. For example, prospective mechanical engineers from the ETH Zurich often complete their 5 weeks shopfloor internship at Aliva.

But also students from other disciplines, from Switzerland and abroad, are assigned to work on a current and concrete problem within the framework of an internship or a diploma thesis. This is a classic win-win situation. Students can apply, deepen and verify their knowledge in a real business case. On the other hand, the company benefits from an external perspective and the latest expertise taught at universities. For both sides, the multiple advantage from the resulting network should not be underestimated.

"That's why it's important to us not only to share expertise, but also our corporate culture" says General Manager Matthias Haegler.

Are you interested in this topic? In the following report, Malene Jessen, a Danish student of Global Management and Manufacturing shares her experiences during her internship at Aliva.

Report by Malene Jessen


When searching for my internship, I was considering all companies I have visited in the last few years. My main criteria were to find a company that seemed to have a great atmosphere among the employees, on all levels. When that is said, I really love Switzerland, so somewhere at Sika, in Switzerland, would be my absolute favourite place to apply for my internship. So that’s what I did.

I had the feeling that I was applying for a job which was not published anywhere, with some skills I didn’t have yet. So, it was difficult to write the application, and I was incredibly happy when I was invited for an interview only a few days later! My internship was confirmed within a week and then all the practical things started. I must say it is a complicated process to get work permits, avoid the Swiss healthcare system, understand the taxation, switching address, etc. But I would defiantly do it again. It was all worth it!

The company culture is really important to me, and I was very happy to have a manager that was able to challenge my knowledge and having regular supervisions with me. The lockdown due to COVID19 made my stay in Switzerland slightly complicated but even with an empty office building, I always knew who to reach out for and I never felt I was left alone. I highly appreciate a manager that has both the tasks and the people in focus when it comes to achieving a common goal. SIKA Aliva gave me the feeling of being a part of something bigger with many opportunities for the future.

The internship taught me the difference between being a student at a university and being a part of a team at a workplace. Even though the first two weeks were extremely tough, I will remember this internship as the best semester.