Specially reinforced tracked vehicle

The modern mini-concrete spraying system Aliva-503.3 is compact, n! flexible and efficient. Equipped with the Aliva-302.1 spraying arm it can spring into action in many different application fields like tunnels or even in very narrow shafts.

Aliva-503.3 Shotcrete robot

Two independent, hydrostatic drives

The new, robust track carrier is reinforced wth a specially designed frame construction. This contributes to a great extent to the high stability while shotcreting as well as to the general durability of the concrete spraying system.

Hydraulic supporting legs

The predecessor spraying system, the Aliva-503, had crank outriggers. Now the new Aliva-503.3 version has hydraulic supporting legs. The two front supporting legs can be extended with 2 additional legs sideways (optional) to reach a spraying coverage area of up to 200°. Get ready for even more efficiency for your next shotcrete applications!


Aliva-503.3 with Aliva-302.1
Aliva-503.3 training days at VSH

Spraying coverage

Aliva-503.3 working range 1
Aliva-503.3 working range 2

Main benefits

  • Uniquely reinforced track carrier
  • With roll bar and safety harnes
  • Two independent hydrostatic drive
  • Powerful diesel engine
  • Two or four Hydraulic supporting legs
  • Equipped with spraying arm Aliva -302.1
  • Remote control (optional radio)
  • Optional with powerful head lights