Shotcrete manipulators

For mounting on your own vehicle or platform, e.g. in a tunnel boring machine.



The spraying arm AL-302.1 has been designed specially for mines, small galleries and excavations. Owing to its simple and rigid construction it is most suitable for mounting onto different carriers.

The Aliva-302.1 spray arm standard is delivered with hydraulic power pack, control unit, incl. remote control and headlight. If some components are already available on your carrier vehicle, the design can be adapted modulary.



Aliva-302.1 use

Aliva 302.1 on a local truck

Aliva-503.3 with Aliva-302.1

Aliva 302.1 on Aliva-503.3

Spraying coverage

Aliva-302.1 Arbeitsbereich Standard

Aliva 302.1 Standard

Aliva-302.1 Arbeitsbereich 3 -400

Aliva 302.1 Shorted


Aliva-304 shotcrete spraying arm

The Aliva-304 spray arm can spray concrete up to 10m high, has a very robust rotary base with rack and pinion drive and is designed for DN80 pump hoses.

The Aliva-304 is supplied with hydraulic control, including remote control and LED spotlight. Also possible is the delivery with a hydraulic power pack and control cabinet


Aliva-304 auf Aliva-520

Aliva-304 on Aliva-520

Spraying coverage

Aliva-304 Spritzbereich